Technical Drawing Download Example

When you purchase the technical drawings option, you will receive the above “technical drawings” (front and back view) in 5 different styles. Included

Technical drawing

Front veiw x5 -Back view x5

5 Styles of Garment

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Tech Pack Download Example

Included pages of your tech pack template (above) These templates include all information areas necessary to manufacture this design as well as communicate different aspects to pattern makers and other production specialists.

Simply fill in the highlighted areas with your design choices (fabric, colour, print etc.) in the appropriate page to build your tech pack!

Folder Summary Page
  •   Technical drawing (front & back)
  •   Product description
 Construction Details Page(s)
  • Technical drawing specifications
 Colour/Fabric Page
  • Pantone colour
  • Fabric composition
 Stitch Specification Guide Page
 Care Labels/Wash Instructions Page
  • Woven labels
  • Garment tags
  • Wash/care symbols

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Getting Started

What is a Tech Pack?

A tech pack is an informative document that allows you to clearly communicate the specific details of a product with your production team (Pattern maker, sample maker, manufacturers.) Imagine a “blue print” for an architectural structure, tech packs are the “blue print” for apparel and soft goods. Included in a tech pack are measurements, hardware, colours, trim, labels/tags etc. 

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Why is a Tech Pack Important?

Tech packs are the communication between the designer and manufacturer, all details are noted on the tach pack in order to track changes and share them with the factory.

Most importantly, tech packs minimize errors and leave no aspect to chance. Every part of your product is illustrated and outlined ensuring all possible problematic areas are taken care of. 

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What is Tech Pack Builder?

Tech Pack Builder is a firm of elite technical designers and garment technologists dedicated to bringing your product(s) from an idea to a design. We provide detailed tech packs used by manufacturers to produce your final product(s).

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How To Build My Tech Pack

Step 1 – Garment and Brand Information


  1. Drag and drop your logo in to Illustrator, Resize and Place.
  2. Type your brand name in to Right Side of information header
  3.  Type in Garment Model name on tittle page
  4.  Copy and paste Garment Model  in to information header
  5.  Type in SKU name on tittle page
  6. Copy and paste SKU in to information header
  7.  Type in Line name on tittle page
  8.  Copy and paste Line in to information header
  9. Complete ! .Make sure your information has spread across all information headers

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Step 2 – Assigning Measurement Points

Our Video

This is our video!


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How To Order A Custom Tech Pack

How It Works

How it works How it works How it works How it works How it works How it works How it works How it works How it works

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What is included in my tech pack?

To be more specific look below for our “technical index” for meanings and pictures of terms



Folder Summary
–  Technical drawing (front & back)
 – Model description
Construction Details 
-Technical drawing specifications 
Colour/fabric page
-Pantone codes
-fabric composition
and all corresponding and out lined information in your brief
Stitch Specification Guide
Print Specification Guide (Repeating/sublimation/branding)
– Print specification sheet
– Repeating set size
– Embroidery specification
Trimming Details
– Trimming details
– Bias details
– Contrast panel details
– Elastic specifications
Accessories Details
– Button specifications
– Zipper specifications
Care Labels/Wash Instructions 
-Woven labels 
-Garment tags 
-Wash/care symbols
and all other information in your brief.

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What do I need to provide to order a tech pack?

 You will need some information already thought out about your product to order a tech pack.
– Image drawing or sketch of your garment or product
– Brief of garment in detail
– Colour and fabric choices
– Base measurements for your product
–  Digital file of your logo
– Product name number and sku
If you have a print or branding imagery you will need to provide…
-Ai or Psd file of print or branding
-breif of placement and sizing

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How many revisions do I receive?

You will receive unlimited revisions on all aspects out lined in your brief on purchase.
No fundamental design changes will be permitted take a look at our terms and conditions for more info on revisions.

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How will I receive my tech pack?

You will receive a pdf A4 sized file of your 6-8 page tech pack
We will store all Ai files on our data base for any future revisions or up dates to your products.

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What will I receive when my tech pack is complete?

You will receive a pdf. A4 sized file of your 6-8 page tech pack.unless other wise requested in original brief.
 We will store all Ai files on our data base for any future revisions or up dates to your products.

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